FAQ - Online games

In what formats are your games presented?

Our online games are presented to you in the form of a story. To progress through the chapters and find out what's next, you must solve puzzles and discover passwords. Everything is in a PDF file that you can download and keep on your computer.

I am asked for a password to open the first chapter of a game. What should I do?

You should carefully read the INSTRUCTION file that was provided to you with the game. The answer to your question is hidden there.

How do you know if a game is better suited for an adult or a child?

All of our games in the Around the World series are intended for an adult audience. Games like Candy Hunt or Winter Hunt are for young children who are able to read short text. To be sure that a game corresponds to the desired level of difficulty, do not hesitate to contact us on Facebook or by email.

Do I need an internet connection to play?

It is necessary to have an internet connection to download our games. Thereafter, when the file is saved on your computer, it is not necessary to have an internet connection to play it.

How do I activate a subscription if I received a shopico gift certificate or a unique code?

To activate this type of subscription you can contact us on Facebook, by email at info@lasociete.site or at 418-725-1562. To create your account, you will need to send us your email address, phone number and gift certificate number or unique code.

What is included in an annual subscription?

An annual subscription includes 13 games in all: The basic game Le Grand Départ as well as the game of the current month and a new game every 15th of the month. You will also have access to a 50% discount on games already released. You are also entitled to a one-month exclusivity on the release of our online games.

I have a subscription but I am not receiving my games, what should I do?

Maybe an error slipped in when activating your subscription. For any questions regarding customer support, you can contact info@lasociete.site or 418-725-1562.